Different Types of Nissan Patrol Exhaust Systems

The Nissan Patrol Japanese technology on wheels! This great vehicles has been manufactured since 1951! Since then, as technology advanced, it went along side with it making it one of the best off-road vehicles in history. In Australia is one of the most popular vehicle in Australia. The last mode of the Nissan Patrol is the Y62 coming as the six generation. However, with all the tech inside, nice lines, good gas per mileage, nothing is build perfect as everything in life. For that reason, Nissan let third-party manufacturer to create accessories and parts to make your Nissan better! There are a couple of exhaust systems on that market, and we will go through the most common and useful ones.

Cat Back Exhaust Systems

This Nissan Patrol exhaust system is one of the best system, if you are looking for performance! They come with all the needed accessories, but the most notable thing with them is their quality build. They use a mandrel bend which will give more power and torque to the vehicle compared with the pressure one which fails to do that. Also, they offer better efficiency than any other exhaust systems, by freely moving the fumes to the exit without any barricades a long the way. This way your vehicle will use less fuel and will create more power. The “magic” formula behind this cat back exhaust system is the bigger diameter made from mandrel bend. So if you are looking for more power, less fuel consumption then this is the exhaust system for your Nissan Patrol.

Dual Back Exhaust Systems

If you want have style with your Nissan Patrol exhaust system then this is the style for you. This exhaust system uses twin sets of tailpipes and mufflers, granting you very cool look to your vehicle. Even though it gives you more style, it takes from the power, so your vehicle will use power. However, there is a solution with using dual back exhaust systems which won’t cut any of the power. Investing in them is good if you want the looks, but if you like power, then you don’t need one!

Header Back Exhaust Systems

Looking for a complete exhaust system for your Nissan Patrol? Well, this is the jack-pot. This exhaust system is installed with a header back and will totally replaces the exhaust parts starting from the header to the block tips. However, this system will give you less fuel spend, but won’t offer you more power. On the other hand, if you want more power from the header back exhaust system then choose a exhaust system with a bigger diameter, but watch out, they tend to be more expensive.

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