Designer Toys as the Perfect First Gift an Auntie Can Give

A new addition to the family is a true blessing and I couldn’t be happier when I found out my sister is having twins. I’m already the favourite aunt to a sweet little princess called Maya that I like to spoil with toys and colourful dresses. My sister always wanted to have a big family and to be honest when I see how happy being a mom makes her I too want to raise a large family. I remember when we were little we both wanted to have another sister with who we can play with and teach her how to ride the bicycle, since nothing was more fun to us than riding our bicycles in the backyard, while singing songs that we invented ourselves. I have many happy childhood memories with my sister and although we fought sometimes as all siblings do, we were as close back then as we are now. Baking cakes and shopping are the two favourite things that we enjoy doing together. So, when we found our my sister was pregnant again we immediately started making a shopping list with all the things we wanted to get for the babies.Designer Toys

I had the task to help my sister choose the essentials for the nursery, while my brother in law took on the task to find the best pushchair for twins. We got matching cradles along with two chests and one changing table. We also got a gorgeous blue rug and hang pictures of flowers and hearts above each cradle to make the nursery look and feel more homey and inviting. Everything was ready for the arrival of my nephews and all left to do was to patiently wait for their arrival. Three months ago on a lovely sunny day the wait was over and I became the aunt of two wonderful boys. I can’t describe how happy I was when I first held them in my hands. As soon as I left the hospital all happy and emotional I got in the car took out my notebook and started making a list of things that would be a great first gift for my cute nephews.

I wanted the gift to be something practical but also fun and playful, so when they get a bit older they can play with it. What better place to begin my search for practical yet fun baby gifts than the internet. I love online shopping since I have all the time to look for great deals and there is no annoying salesman to urge me to get a product that I don’t like. One can indeed find a wide range of baby products and toys online and in search for something unique and well-made I came across designer toys. To be honest the first thing that captured my attention was their name, since I didn’t know that is such thing as a designer toy as opposed to a regular toy. But the thing that convinced me that this is the perfect gift for my little boys was the distinctive and creative design- the main feature of designer toys, which are all crafted with great skill.

Many of the designer toys are crafted by designers that have great skills in illustration and graphic design and they are usually produced as limited addition items. The fact that great skill and creativity is required to make these unique toys makes them a truly special gift for the arrival of a new family member. I was so amazed by the wonderful range of toys I found online that I needed to do a bit of researcher and find out how this toy trend started. Well it turns out that this is not a new trend at all and designer toys have been around since the 1990s. There are many different types of designer toys and one of the most popular types is designer plush, which features stuffed dolls and other toys that are designed to resemble certain animals, but also have some specific features that make them look fun and unique. I got my nephews matching designer play mats with fun plush animals and balls. Each activity play mat comes with a soft and cosy blanket with two removable arches where the toys can be hang in many different positions.

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