Danish Dining Room Design Ideas You’ll Love

When it comes to home design there are many styles you can choose from – industrial, eclectic, traditional or vintage etc. But even though they are very appealing and popular, in most cases, Scandinavian style is the one clear winner. With its clean lines and minimalist pieces of furniture and ability to play with textures, it’s no wonder that this interior style is so popular.

It is the ideal design for people who are not fond of clutter or intrusive decorating themes that look confusing or overstated. Plus, Scandinavian style is very appreciative of nature – it brings some of the outdoor environment inside creating a peaceful and serene atmosphere in your home. If you love everything Scandinavian and want to turn your dining room into a Danish dream, here’s what you will need to get started.


When creating the Scandinavian dining room of your dreams, the theory of less is more applies. For the ultimate ambiance, keep things simple and clutter-free. The furniture pieces you choose should exemplify this theory as well. Therefore, when looking for Danish chairs for sale, look for sleek and chic dining chairs that will make your dining room more upscale. Chairs with a solid beechwood base combined with a seat in a neutral colour are the hottest trend right now.

As for the dining table, it should be simple in design without too many architectural extras and cuts in its design. When looking for the perfect pair of dining table and Danish chairs for sale, you can also try to mix and match their colours. Think a table in a neutral tone paired with chairs in a more bold hue that will make a stylish statement.


When choosing a chandelier to hang over your dining table, pick something whimsical and unique. You won’t be wrong even if you choose light fixtures that remind you of nature. Whatever your choice may be, make sure that it’s not bulky, big, and overstated. Instead, your fixtures should be fairly simple and light to look at.

To keep the room looking airy, open, bright and cheery, make the best use of natural light. You don’t even have to put any window treatments on the windows. If you end up putting some though, choose light colored fabrics of linen or light cotton to maintain the Scandinavian look and feel. Danish people are not very keen on weighing their windows down with big, heavy curtains and draperies.

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