Curtains: Beyond Their Window Dressing Function

Window treatments make the living space look more homey and have the power to add a finishing touch to your interior design. As elements that provide privacy and insulation and can bring more texture and colour to your space curtains are one of the most functional window coverings when it comes to enhancing the look of your interiors. The right curtains go beyond their basic function to dress up your windows. They should not only fit the size and shape of the windows but also go well with the other elements of your interior design and create a balanced harmony of aesthetics and functionality. When choosing yours its essential to determine what are the features you would want your window coverings to have. Do you want them to provide privacy or maybe you like them to let in lots of natural light and brighten up your interiors, or maybe both?CurtainsCreating a list of all the features will help you decide what would be the perfect curtain for your specific needs. There are two basic types of curtains that differ in both price and design: ready-made and custom curtains. Usually very inexpensive ready-made models as their name implies come ready for you to hang and use, and don’t require no special fightings. One downside is that they come in only a few size options, they might not always fit your windows perfectly. Custom curtains, on the other hand are available in a variety of size options and you have the options to customize their length and width according to the size of your windows. Moreover, you also have the option to choose features like fabric and colour and get a unique set of curtains that would wonderfully complement your décor style. When it comes to material, heavier fabrics naturally provide a lot of privacy and act as excellent insulators. Silk and velvet are one of the most commonly used heavier materials. These can add elegance and drama to the space and work best in more formal rooms.

Sheer fabrics such as cotton are more lightweight, let in a lot of natural light and are perfect for such rooms as the kitchen, dining room, or nursery. Sheer curtains are easier to install and clean, but don’t provide as much privacy as heavier fabrics. Besides material which can have a great influence on both the design and quality of your curtains the headings can have a great impact on the look of your window coverings. There are several types of headings: eyelets, pinch pleats and pencil pleats. Eyelets feature regular and even pleats and enhance the curtains with their modern design. Pinch pleats have a custom finish and are designed by connecting three pleats together. Pencil pleats are not as structured as the pinch ones and are represent single narrow headings.


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