Creating Your Dream Outdoor Space? Consider the Furnishings and Flooring

When it comes to making the most of your outdoor space, nothing beats alfresco meals and entertainment. The outdoors has especially turned into a luxurious feature for the home in times of pandemics as we’ve been experiencing since 2020, as going out became rarer and rarer with the implementation of lockdowns and safety measures.


To be able to make this dream come true, one needs to make up a kitchen and seating area outside. As simple as it sounds, it’s not that different of a project as when designing one’s indoor kitchen and dining room, considering there are various types of outdoor kitchen package in terms of appliances and furniture available at the homeware stores.

Durability is Key with the Furnishings

One aspect that becomes apparent when shopping for the ideal bits and pieces of furnishings for the outdoors is you have to focus on the materials and how durable they are because everything is going to be exposed to the weather conditions. Be careful what you invest your money in!

  • In terms of appliances, you get durability from top notch materials like stainless steel, which aren’t just great for withstanding the elements, be it the sun, rain, wind or salt, but also make for piece of cake cleaning and maintenance. Luckily, you’d have lots of options of stainless steel outdoor kitchen package, consisting of built-in BBQ, oven, sink, fridge, and even bench top with drawers for storage underneath, and rangehoods above depending on what your kitchen necessities are.
Cleaning Grill

Though it’s a durable option, you can do something to prolong the lifespan even more with the simple choice of alkaline or alkaline-chlorinated cleaners. This, along with other cleaning supplies such as soft cloths, guarantees you won’t damage the appliances in any way. Besides being unsightly to look at, damages also make the material susceptible to rusting and you certainly don’t want that for your lovely kitchen.

  • As for the furniture, again metals like steel, or even wrought iron, are a nice pick as they’re truly durable when you treat them to the TLC they require. Concrete is yet another favourite of people looking for that modern minimalist feel, and best of all is it’s made for the outdoors environment.

Still, if you wouldn’t mind getting that much-needed warmth to make the space more welcoming and cosy, you could always reach for the great teak furniture. While it may be more expensive than other wood options, it’s one of the best given its incredible features and durability. As it’s got its own natural oils that keep it safe from insects and even the weather, you won’t have to worry much about maintenance.

The Same Goes for the Floor

To be able to tie the space together, i.e. the kitchen and the dining areas, besides paying attention to the outdoor kitchen package you ought to be careful with what you choose for the flooring too. As an important surface, it doesn’t only offer you functionality but aesthetics as well. This being said, you’ve got several options you can choose to invite in your outdoor cooking and entertaining space.

outdoor kitchen
  • Let’s take wood as an example – it would be the perfect match for your wooden furniture as it gives off a nice warm feel but taking into account it requires more maintenance in the form of sealing, and it’s more delicate than the alternatives particularly if not covered, you might want to reconsider the options.If you want the look, perhaps you’d be interested in vinyl wood plank instead. Moreover, have in mind wood also isn’t that great of a choice when you consider the fire hazard when installed around the BBQ.
  • Tiles are much more affordable and low in maintenance which is why they’re often a preferred choice. They’re ideal for their ease of cleanliness especially around the outdoor bbq kitchen area or the dining table as two main areas that are most prone to mess.

Add their versatility of colours, shapes, and patterns into the equation too, and you’ve got the perfect outdoor area with plenty of texture and personality. One aspect to be aware of, however, is that they can become rather slippery when it rains or you accidentally spill water or beverages around the bar area, for example, in which case it’s advisable to pick slip-resistant tiles.

vinyl wood plank
  • If you aren’t that keen on tiles either, perhaps you’d be up for concrete. One of its basic advantages that draws most people into it has to do with affordability – you don’t have to have much of a budget to get this flooring. In terms of looks, this is the kind of option that makes for the perfect match for concrete furniture and accessories in the form of planters and pots.

Not to mention, it’s incredible to style with teak and steel furniture and appliances as well, and whenever you’re in need of some warmth, simply add a rug or two and you’d be able to make a difference. Speaking of styling, if you also feel like the flooring itself could do with some customisation, you’ve got the chance to do so with colouring or stamping, or use some fancy finish to pour more personality into it.

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