Cover Hour: Patio And Balcony Furniture

Balcony Furniture

If you do not store your patio furniture even when it’s raining, maybe it is a good idea to consider of covering. The balcony furniture is usually made of all-weather materials. While this may sound like they are capable to withstand different function in weather conditions, covering your patio furniture will help prolong the life of your furnishings. Think you are off the hook just because you live in a sunny beach city, but you are actually wrong. If you leave near the salt water lake or by the ocean, these elements can vaporize into the surrounding air and find their new home inside of your frames. Salt water eats metal and will corrode frames.

Outdoor covers may look expensive, but they will be worth in the long run. Rain, high wind, snow, sleet, can deteriorate the quality of your outdoor furniture over time. Rain can cause huge damage to the wood and you run the risk of having a problems with mildew. There are few ways you can protect your outdoor furnishings. If you have enough space in the shed, you can store your balcony furniture there. Some people use their outdoor furniture inside, which is a great idea if you have enough room in your home for these few pieces. Investing in a set of outdoor furniture covers is a more-cost effective solution. These sets are not so expensive and will provide your balcony furniture with great protection against the elements. When looking to buy an outdoor furniture cover, there are three things to consider.

Water resistant vs Waterproof

You will expect that all outdoor furniture coverings you see on the market would be waterproof, right? Very wrong. Water resistant means that the material is repellent, whereas waterproof means that water will not penetrate the material of the cover. There is a one problem with waterproof coverings. The material usually becomes airtight and loses its ability to breath. This will bring to problems with mildew and moisture underneath the cover.

UV protective

When it comes to balcony furniture, the sun is your biggest enemy. Even it’s covered, UV rays can still penetrate causing discoloration, cracking and fading. High quality outdoor furniture covers are usually thicker to block out the harmful rays from the sun.


When patio furniture covers do not have any vents, the build up of humidity and moisture creates a breeding ground for mildew. To prevent this to happen, some manufacturers add vents to allow air to circulate under the covering. This is very important to consider if you want to save your furniture to become damaged by the cover.

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