Contemporary Furniture: Create Classic Look With Modern Appeal

The one element that makes a house look unique would definitely have to be furniture. It’s the basis of the whole design scheme and has both a practical and decorative purpose. Whether you’re an apartment dweller or live in a big family house, your furniture pieces should infuse your living space with function and elegance and reflect your personal style at the same time. While it may seem difficult to find a balance between functional design and stylish elegance, there is one style of furniture that can provide both of these and infuse your home with a comfortable and inviting ambience. I’m talking about non other than the gorgeous modern contemporary furniture which is all about creating a classic look that has that charming yet sophisticated appeal.

Modern Contemporary Furniture

In the most basic terms, contemporary furnishings with a modern twist are a fusion of clean lines, geometric structures and a simple design, which are all features that can deliver a polished and chic look with little effort. But, we’ll talk more about this further in the article. Let’s first see how this style of furniture conquered the interior design scene and became so popular. Modern contemporary furniture first emerged as a specific style during the 1950s when the Museum of Modern Arts in New York decided to define the trend. A variety of aspects were established to define what would be considered as contemporary. One of the main aspects was that the furnishings should include cutting edge materials and make use of the latest methods for furniture making.

Probably the best way to describe the term contemporary would be as a unique style that combines elements from various styles and eras of interior design. The furniture pieces have simple clean lines and the focus is on comfort. The goal is to create a bright and open space usually with raised sofas and arms chairs as well as reflective surfaces and metals usually found in such pieces as coffee tables, TV units, end tables and accent chairs. While contemporary homes often relay on minimalist appeal, they’re rich in elegance and appear comfortable and airy.

How to infuse your home with the unique charm of modern contemporary style? Well, a special attention should be paid to the material and colour of the furnishings. Contemporary furniture pieces often make use of natural materials, such as wood and feature sophisticated fabrics and textures. A neutral colour pallet is the key feature with elements in hues such as black, grey, white, beige or brown. You can add a pop of colour by choosing décor pieces in bolder colour like red, blue, yellow or green, depending of course on your personal preference. Overall a contemporary house would usually look spacious and cosy with wonderfully arranged furniture pieces and a relaxing ambience that simply invites you to enjoy in your modern retreat.

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