What to Consider When Choosing Corporate Uniforms for Men

Mens Uniform Shirts

When it comes to uniform, most men would love to wear one as it saves them time, money and makes easy deciding what to wear to work. Many of them would be pretty happy wearing the same style of clothing to work and having limited options wouldn’t be a problem, at all.

Of course, there are also men that really care about their clothing and put a great attention on what they wear to work. With that said, dealing with the implementation of a men’s uniform with less attention than a women’s uniform would be a mistake. Implementing men uniform in your workplace needs to be carefully thought out. How? By considering the flowing uniform components you should be able to create a uniform that will work with your brand as well as meet the requirements of your staff.

Different Styles

Mens Uniform Shirts

Men’s work clothes often include a collared shirt, or polo and trousers. While it may seem simple, it is important to offer different mens uniform shirts or polo styles to your workers. Plus, a classic pair of suit trousers may not be suitable for all work environments. Give your workers the freedom to choose their uniforms and don’t assume all of them will be happy to wear the same style.


Mens Uniform Shirts

This is probably one the main elements, especially given that some companies will only implement mens uniform shirts and allow their workers to buy their own trouser and suits. Mens’ shirts are available in different fits, so given your workers options is important. You may also want to allow your men stuff to choose their cuffs, whether french cuff or regular button, so they can put they own individual spin on their uniform.


Mens Uniform Shirts

Natural fibres such as wool for suiting and cotton for shirts are some of the best options for men’s uniform. A slight poly blend for the shirt is also a great idea.


Mens Uniform Shirts

Dark colours, such as black, navy and charcoal, are often the best options for men jackets and trousers. Men usually feel comfortable wearing these colours and they also allow some contrast to be created with the colour of their shirts and ties. For shirts, it is a good idea to choose a colour that suits most skin tones such as white or shades of blue. Orange and yellow colours do not always look great on most skin tones, therefore, they should be avoided.

Uniform Care

Create a uniform that is easy to care for. For the majority, being able to wash their uniform in a washing machine with the rest of their clothes is important. Having to dry clean the uniform each week is surely not cost effective. Make it easy and provide clear instruction for your stuff on how to look after for their uniform.

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