Complete Your Bedroom with the Perfect Bedside Tables

Creating a well-designed room means having to incorporate pieces that connect with one another, be it through the pattern, color, or shape. But let’s get something clear, having furniture pieces that connect to each other is not the same as buying ones that match. In the past, people were more focused on buying things that match, while now, people have an eye for design, meaning they are more focused on complementing rather than matching. However, not all of us have this designing power, and usually, we can get lost when it comes to knowing what works for what, especially when it comes to choosing smaller furniture pieces like bedside tables.

square bedside tables

These days bedside tables can be found in different size, shape (oval, rectangular, or square bedside tables) and style, which means that they can be used for another purpose than just a bedside table, hence, as end tables in your living room. Here are some tips that will help you choose the right type of bedside tables for your bedroom.


As we already mentioned, there are different shapes of bedside tables, however, square bedside tables are the most commonly used ones. However, if you have a bigger bedroom and a reading/work corner in it with a table and two chairs, make sure you mix the table shapes. For example, if the working table has an oval shape, square or rectangular bedside tables will break up the dullness in the bedroom. Likewise, if you have a square table, oval or demi-lune bedside tables can make a nice contrast.


Just like any other table, bedside tables can come in an array of different materials. Wood, marble, brass, and metal are just some of the many available types of bedside materials. What matters here is choosing the right one in order to match and complement the rest of your bedroom design. The rule of thumb says that as long as the styles complement each other, the materials can be different, thus you have plenty of choices to make.


Lastly, your bedside tables should be at the same height as the mattress, and in case that’s not possible, opt for lower bedside tables rather than higher. You should also make sure the chosen bedside tables offer ample space for the things you plan to keep close when you sleep, like an alarm clock, a book, magazines, or a table lamp.

To sum it up, there are no strict rules when it comes to choosing the right bedside tables. The most important thing to know is to find the right size of bedside tables that will connect somehow with the other furniture pieces in the bedroom.

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