Choosing a Bed Frame That Says Your Name

A bed frame does more than just provide support; a beautiful bed frame can become the main design statement in the bedroom. So it is important to choose it right.


Various models of bed frames are available on the market, so finding one to suit your décor style shouldn’t be a difficult task. Which style of bed frame do you prefer the most?

Low-post Frame

If you are a traditional person, this type of bed frame may be the right one for you. Generally made of wood, this frame style can be simple and clean or feature more intricate turned details.

French-Style Frame

A style for the romantics. These bed frames often feature carved wood details and upholstered headboards and footboards, which make very comfortable for sitting up to read a book in the bed. Another romantic choice can be a very straight wood headboard with cane back and carved details, with a low footboard or no footboard at all.

Brass Frame

A brass bed frame evokes an era of steamships and train travel. It can be solid brass or brass plate over another metal. If you are a person who likes to read in bed you will need some extra cushioning with this bed.

Wrought Iron Frame

Strong and beautiful, wrought iron bed frames make a great addition to both bohemian-and-rustic-style spaces. A high-quality iron frame will withstand the test of time but will need a bunch of pillows to become comfortable for reading in bed.

Upholstered Frame

A stylish bed frame that offers the most of comfort for reading in bed. For versatility and flexibility, choose a solid neutral upholstered frame.

Sleigh Frame

Usually made of solid wood, a sleigh bed features a gently curved headboard and footboard. Due to its curved shape, this bed is usually the most comfortable for reading in bed than the other types of bed frames.

Woven Frame

A casual bed frame that fits well in tropical, coastal and contemporary spaces. Made of rattan, abaca or sea grass, these frames are firmer than upholstery but softer than wood and are pretty comfortable for sitting up to read in bed too.

Ornate Frame

It can be made from intricately carved wood, lacquered or silver panels and can sure make a grand statement in a room. Just remember to try leaning back on the headboard before you purchase it as some deeply carved pieces can be uncomfortable to lean against.

Larger headboards and footboards with extra embellishments tend to cost more than simple ones. Keep this in mind when shopping your bed frame.

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