How To Choose Outdoor Lounges

Who could resist relaxing outdoors on a beautiful, sunny day? Whenever the weather is good, whether with a drink or a book in our hand, we all love hanging out outside. Outdoor lounges are essential to any outdoor or patio area where you can enjoy or eat with your friends and family. If you like to entertain, you can transform your outdoor area into a cozy space, perfect for a great gathering with unique outdoor lounges. If you have a large yard, proper seating allows you to accommodate a dozen or more people outside. However, homeowners should have similar expectations when it comes to purchasing indoor and outdoor furniture. That is why, we want to advise you on a couple things you should keep in mind before you buy outdoor lounges.

Outdoor Lounges


The Right Materials

As durability of outdoor furniture depends on the material it is made of, you need to think of all the different types of woods and materials. Iron and teak are great choices for their durability. Furniture in any material should last many years if the owner takes proper care of it. Nevertheless, if your furniture is going to be exposed on the sun the whole time, then you should avoid buying dark fabrics as they attract much more heat than bright colors do. As the weather can be changeable, screws should be stainless steel or brass that can withstand rust. Another thing to consider is that, furniture held together by glue or staples tends to come apart over time.

Protect Cushions and Pillows

Outdoor pillows and cushions are the main outdoor accessories that help soften a space and create an inviting outside sitting area. Their primary role is decorative, but they also must withstand weather changes. You need to make sure the materials you are buying are intended for outdoor use. Cushions and pillows can be easily affected by mildew from moisture, and discoloration from exposure to sun.

If they do not come with fabric that blocks mildew and UV rays, you can apply spray finishes to the fabric to protect it from these influences. If cushions and pillows become stained, faded or odorous, you can wash them which will keep them clean and fresh-smelling for some time. However, if this does not help, you can replace the cushion’s fabric if that is possible. This will save you money over buying completely new cushions and pillows.

Weather-resistant Outdoor Lounges

If you have set your heart on wooden outdoor furniture, then you should keep in mind the fact that wood can weaken and rot from moisture. Therefore, you should look for treated wood or varieties that naturally resist the elements. Treated wood repels water, while teak is almost impermeable.

If it is going to be exposed on the sun the whole time, then avoid buying metal outdoor lounges. Metals corrode from holding moisture on the surface. Galvanisation makes metal rust-proof, and aluminium resists corrosion. Beware if you plan on buying plastic furniture, it warps or cracks after temperature fluctuations.

Cover or Store Outdoor Lounges

To prolong their life-span, do not forget to place covers over outdoor lounges at times when it is raining or snowing. The covers will keep the furniture dry until it is ready for use in sunnier days. Those who do not want to cover their outdoor lounges should store it away for that period.

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