Characteristics of Contemporary Interior Design

Contemporary style is all about creating a living space that looks stylish and elegant, all while being comfortable and functional at the same time. Clean lines and geometric forms are the two key features of contemporary interiors, which perfectly capture the famous notion- less is more. The house is furnished with functional and beautiful piece designed to give the space an open and airy feel. This means that to get the contemporary look in your home you should first get rid of all the piece that make the space appeared cluttered and unappealing. Also avoid adding too many décor pieces. A few elegant and functional details like an elegant mirror, or a beautiful wall art piece are more than enough to spice up the look of your living space. To help your introduce contemporary touches into your design scheme, in this article we will outline the main characteristics that make unique style so functional and appealing.

Contemporary Chair

Simple yet Elegant Furniture

Contemporary furniture boosts a minimalist appeal, so you wouldn’t see a lot of fancy decorations or crazy patterns on sofas, chairs, tables, dressers and other pieces. Let’s take a look at the features of an elegant contemporary chair. This is a piece that has a simple yet sophisticated design and combines form and function to enhance the comfort and beauty of any room. For instance, you can add a chic reading nook to the design scheme of your bedroom with a few simple touches like a cosy contemporary chair, a side table and a chic floor lamp. To add extra seating in your living room get multiple matching chairs that complement the colour scheme of the rest of the furniture. Most of the contemporary furniture pieces come in neutral colours that go well with both darker and more vibrant hues, so you will surely find elegant contemporary chairs that match your colour scheme.

A Chic Colour Pallet- a Mix of Neutral and Vibrant Colours

Neutral shades such as cream, white, beige and grey from the main colour pallet of contemporary interiors. These soft shades have the purpose to give the living space an open and airy feel. The walls are often painted in a neutral colour and create the prefect background for adding more vibrant accent colours in elements such as cushions, picture frames, candle holders, trays and other décor bits and pieces. You can also use dark colours like black, brown or red, just make sure you don’t go overboard since darker colours can make the space appear more enclosed than it already is.

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