How Can a Foam Roller Be Helpful for Muscle Recovery

Extensive training and a balanced diet are the win-win combo when it comes to reaching your body goals. But, hitting the gym every day means that your muscles will be under more stress than usual, which can lead to pain and discomfort not just while working out, but when doing everyday activities as well such as walking down the stairs, bending, sitting, etc. Recovery is a vital part of a successful training program and here is why. The process of muscle growth doesn’t happen while you’re lifting heavy weights. During your workout your muscles are actually broken down through a process that is know as catabolism (complex molecules in the body brake down to form simpler ones).

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For healthy muscle growth the period after the workout is the most important. After each training session your body starts to repair, but the recovery process can often be slow and thus provide minimal visible results. To make sure you get the most from your workouts you need to help your body recover faster. One of the best ways to speed up your recovery and alleviate aching muscles is by using a foam roller. It can be used not only by athletes and bodybuilders, but people at all levels of fitness as well.

Commonly used for self-massage, foam rollers are designed to relief muscle tightness or trigger pressure points. When you put pressure on certain areas on your body you’re helping the muscles recover faster and restore their normal function. There are various types of foam rollers, from extra-firm models to softer ones. Firm rollers are usually designed to provide fast pain relief, while those made from softer materials are great for doing a gentle massage on the muscles. If you’ve never used a foam roller buy one that is made from softer materials that won’t put too much pressure on your muscles. As your technique improves you can try using a firmer roller and see what kind of effect it has on your muscles. Firmer models have more density and won’t lose their shape as quickly as softer rollers and are therefore more durable and last longer.

How effective the roller would be in providing a relaxing massage depends very much on its surface texture. In terms of texture, foam rollers can be divided into two categories: smooth and textured. A smooth roller is designed to provide a soothing massage and is very easy to use. If you want a less intense massage when using a foam roller buy a model that has a smooth surface that would put only moderate pressure on your body. Textured foam rollers come with knobs and ridges that are specifically made to target certain areas of your body. They are great for alleviating knots and pressure points in your muscles and usually provide a more intense massage.

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