Camping: Wheeled Travel Bag, Backpack or Rucksack?

Australia is one of the world’s best camping destinations due to its lush rainforests, flawless coastline and dramatic landscapes. The beauty of the perfect starry skies and unique wildlife make the camping experience an adventure you can’t miss, especially if you are an avid camper. To set off on a trip like this a trusted limited space for your personal things in the shape of a bag should be carefully chosen since it will carry your essentials while you are out and about. A reliable travel bag will see you through your journey so, making the right decision depends mostly on your needs, what you are going to put inside and how many things you plan to take with you. There are different types of travel bags for you to choose from, and here is a list of the top choices for your camping trip.

Wheeled Travel Bag

For your personal convenience, a wheel travel bag is a perfect choice. You can easily manoeuvre your heavy belongings and transfer all of the weight on the wheels of the bag. In addition, you can easily organize your personal things as wheel travel bags have compartments for easy access to your things. This type of bag offers a lot of space and you can fit a lot of gear. Quality is an important feature you should be focusing on since wheels can break and sometimes can get stuck, and the quality material provides durability and safety. That is why you should go for all-terrain 4WD wheels and ripstop, nylon and polyester material wise. Your wheel travel bag should provide maximum comfort and at the same time, safety for your personal things.


You will need a backpack if you are comfortable with keeping your personal things very close to you. However, finding the right size of a backpack may sometimes be a problem. If it is too big, you will carry a lot of weight on your back which will cause back problems. If it is too small you will never fit all of your stuff. Therefore, consider how many things you are going to take with you and if you don’t need too much space, a backpack will do. When choosing a backpack, make sure it is made of a water-resistant material, has lockable zippers of the compartments, padded hip belt so it can help you with the weight, padded shoulder straps to make carrying your load more comfortable and size wise, it should be in proportion to your body.


Rucksacks are essentially large, rugged backpacks. They are more suitable for camping or hiking as they provide a greater space than a backpack. With similar features of a backpack, rucksacks are excellent for holding a substantial amount of kit and plenty of pockets for storage. So, if you are setting off to an extended hiking and camping adventure, the rucksack is a perfect choice.

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