Campers Unite, Caravan Stabilisers Will Hold Your Ground!

On the road again, I am on the road again

my family is smiling, my belly full

beer all around, to my friends and my van neighbours

Heya all, welcome to the road of camping! Parking your caravan, having some barbecue, drinking some beer, well life cannot get any better! While everything is good and all, sometimes we come across some problems when we park it uphill and you don’t want to destroy your hand break! Well, you’ve probably searched for caravan stabilisers for sale and you are not sure which one si the right one, yeah? Don’t worry lad, in this article, we will find it the best one for your RV, so you feel safe while you doze off silently.


They are an easy and simple solution to your van problem. First of all, you’ll need to look for a kit, because they come with all the accessories. Usually, inside the kit you’ll find a level, chock and anti-slip plate. They feature a solid base that resistant to sinking into the soft ground and anti slip plate chips that are there to give extra stability. The most usual materials that are made is polypropylene plastic material to give greater durability and withstand any weather.

Manufacturers make different dimensions for the caravan stabilisers, however, the last couple of years their a standard: for level ramp dimensions they come 520 mm x 200 mm x 125 mm, for the chock dimensions 150 mm x 120 mm x 100 mm and for the slip plate 155mm x 100 mm x 5mm.

The instillation process is easy. A lot of people are uncertain and fear that they have maybe made some mistake, which could be costly. Nevertheless, do not afirad, every kit comes with a manual. Even in the case there isn’t inside, just go on YouTube and there you will find how to do it step-by-step.

Of course there are areas and resorts where a caravan stabiliser is required and if you don’t own and use one, you won’t be permitted in the ground. But, always come prepared and enjoy your time spent in the resorts.

When looking for caravan stabilisers for sale, do not be afraid, the prices are pretty affordable! That gives you the opportunity to buy one or two spear ones. On the market currently there are dozens to pick from and I can be certain, that after this article, there is nothing to stop you from making the right decision!

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