Book Review of Radical by David Platt

Selfishness has become a character line for a lot of people since famous philosophies like “self-confidence” , “self- esteem” and “self-sufficiency” have become life goals, despite what Christianity as a major religion dictates for it. According to Christian morals and philosophy, selfishness is a bad characteristic and no one should be proud of possessing it. It states that God takes from those who are selfish and rich (which naturally go together) and gives to the poor and needy. Therefore, balance must exist, and selfishness is not part of that equation.


An interesting view on the matter has the author David Platt, in his New York times bestseller book: ‘Radical : Taking back your faith from the American Dream’. In his book Radical, David tries to convince the reader that the constant pursuit of material satisfaction, fame, career and money is an empty life based on acquisition of things. Instead, he tries to convince people that life should be directed towards giving things and concentrating more on conversion and discipleship. Probably his most important point is that we tend to idealize things and not pay attention to what really matters; for instance, we don’t know God from the Bible, but we tend to believe that God is loving, and has a wonderful plan for our lives and if we follow his words we’ll be saved. On the contrary, the biblical gospel says: “You are an enemy of God, dead in your sin, and in your present state of rebellion, you are not even able to see that you need life, much less cause yourself to come to life. Therefore you are radically dependent upon God to do something in your life that you could never do.”

The goal of the book Radical is to make people think about the way they morphed the Bible from being a God-centered gospel into being a human-centered one. According to David, people should discover a purpose for their lives that transcends their nationalistic loyalties and cultural morals.

The book Radical is not written simply as another book on Christianity and scholarly review on the issue. Its originality and authenticity is proven by David Platt’s background; at the age of 26 he became the youngest mega-church pastor in America, asked to be the leader of the congregation of The Church at Brook Hills. David also has several educational degrees: a BA in journalism, and M. Div. Th. M and a Ph. D. from the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.

All in all, if you’re one of the many victims of materialism and the pursuit of material happiness, maybe it’s time for a change. Maybe it would be good to start thinking in another direction, and commit to being rich inside, instead of being empty but wrapped in gold.

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