Benefits of Using Ceiling Fans at Home

Interior design decor changes according to the development of trends during the years and the fashion that prevails in the particular period. However, one of the functional decorative details that has withstood the test of time since its invention in the 1880s is the ceiling fan. It is a very common fixture in most of the homes worldwide due to the numerous benefits it has. During the 1950s it has lost its popularity but made an even stronger comeback in the 1970s during the energy crisis. Today, lots of homes have this functional appliance and a brilliant fact which not many people know is that it can be used all year round. Here are all the benefits of the ceiling fans.

ceiling fan

First of all, the ceiling fan lowers the energy costs and help you save money by lowering your electric bill by up to 30 or 40%. The counterclockwise direction will enable the homeowners a cool downward airflow that accelerates the evaporation of perspiration which creates the wind-chill effect without altering the temperature. Additionally, by using the fan in summer, your room will feel six to eight degrees cooler which results in saving up to 40% on air-conditioning cost. On the other hand, in winter you can set it in a clockwise direction which makes the blades rotate in the opposite direction and will recirculate the warm air trapped near the ceiling back down to the floor. Using the fan in this mode, you will reduce the need for heating devices and decrease energy use up to 15%.

Secondly, you can buy a ceiling fan not only to keep the coolness in the room but also to keep your room airy and breezy. This feature of the ceiling fans is especially useful during the hot summer days when you need to keep the sweat at bay. Additionally, your ceiling fan will keep the flies and mosquitoes away with its constantly rotating so you can have a peaceful evening without the boring buzzing.

Another benefit is its versatility and the decorative value it brings to the room design. You can choose a ceiling fan buy online a type which fits in the room design and complements the decorating style. Ceiling fans are available in different sizes, styles and finishes so it will be easy to find the perfect match. They can be a focal point of the room or serve as a statement piece. Furthermore, they are not suitable only for the living rooms, as their versatility makes them suitable for a bedroom, screened-in porch or kitchen making the environment enjoyable.

Apart from the cooling or warming features, ceiling fans provide a beautiful and functional illumination as well. You can pick a ceiling fan buy online a led type for example which will add a beautiful, layered texture of light in the room or select a fan with a built-in light for general illumination benefits. Finally, the fact that they come with a convenient price, their appealing factor rises even more.

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