Beginner’s Guide to RC Kits: Starting off on the Right Foot

RC vehicles can make for quality time on your own or with loved ones. Usually kids are the ones that love playing with RC cars but there is an option that’s more appealing to adults. RC vehicles come as RTR (ready-to-run) and kits – RTRs are what kids like the most since they come reassembled. Kits, on the other hand, have all the parts and the instructions needed to assemble a vehicle. They are meant to help you learn more about the vehicle’s internal components and how everything works together through the assembly process. The fun you have with the vehicle afterwards is sort of the reward you get for doing a good job. Kits also allow you to fine tune certain features and make your RC vehicle more personal by adding custom parts to it. When you are starting out with RC kits not every kit will be for you so it’s best that you choose the one that will be fun to build.self build rc car

How to Pick the Best RC Kit for You

Age & Difficulty

Even if you are not a kid who wants to build RC vehicles it’s recommended that you go with kits meant for kids. A build your own RC car kit for kids will be less complex and it is usually more affordable than a kit meant for adults. Kid’s RC build kits are a good starting point for every beginner no matter the age.

The difficulty of a kit will not be the same as the age of the persons they are intended for. Kits can be intended for younger kids but still be complex enough to make building the building process less fun. Choose a kit that will be appropriate to your skill level so you have a good time assembling it.RC Kits


The next thing you want to consider is the type of RC car you want your kit to have. You got block and traditional RC cars and some called hybrids. Block RC cars are made of easy to assemble pieces which do not require tools. Traditional or what are also known as “real” RC cars have more complex parts and they require tools. Hybrids do require tools too but they are simpler to assemble than traditional RC cars.


It’s important that the kit you get includes batteries too and if the RC kit you want doesn’t include them it’s important that you are prepared when you get it. Batteries that come with the RC kit are usually going to be rechargeable via USB but the ones you provide won’t which is why you’ll want to have some spares.

Size & Style

The size or scale of an RC car kit is going to be important not only for the user but also for the environment you are going to be using it in. If you are going to be driving the car around in your house or apartment a smaller sized vehicle is preferred. If the outdoors is going to be where you are going to spend most of the time with it then you can go with a bigger RC car. There are different types of RC vehicles such as street cars, trucks, buggies, tanks and so on. There are some kits that allow you to build two different types of vehicles with the same set which usually includes parts for a sports car and a race car.

Beginner Tips for Building Your RC Car


For starters, the place where you are going to spend a couple or more than a couple of hours assembling an RC car needs to be well lit. The desk or table on which you’ll build your own RC car kit will need to be covered with a towel in order to protect it from scratches and dents. Make sure your workspace isn’t cluttered either.


RC Kit partsEvery RC build kit will come with a manual which you’ll need to go over before you start building the vehicle. If you happen to find a step that’s difficult to understand at first, make a note in the manual so that you’ll pay closer attention to it when assembling the vehicle.


The majority of kits have parts stored into labelled bags. Opening those bags should be done one at a time. This makes it easier to find the component you are looking for and to organise components too. It’s recommended that you pour the parts from each bag into a separate tray in order to make for a more organised workspace. While you can use different household items for this a desk drawer organiser tray is recommended.

Identical Parts

When you have to assemble duplicate parts such as shocks or differentials it’s best that you clip all their parts and then organise them before you start assembling. This will allow you to assemble them faster and easier as you won’t be holding parts together whilst trying to snip other parts.


Most kits will have a legend showing the size of various types of hardware. But if your kit happens to come without one you’ll need to do the measuring. Flat-head screws are going to be measured from the top of their head to the bottom of the thread whilst other fasteners are measured starting from the bottom of their head.

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