Battery Box Buying Guide: How Keep Your Deep Cycle Battery Safe

Car batteries may have been operating roughly the same way for many decades but they have evolved from being a simple electrolyte-filled box to one that has no fluid at all. The technology powering our vehicles has also changed in the way it provides the charge. While this isn’t the case with a city car or even an SUV, it is however the case with caravans.
It’s important to have at least the bare necessities such as light and hot water in your caravan which is why they use deep-cycle batteries. These batteries are able to provide a continuous low voltage charge for long periods of time. This makes them ideal for powering appliances and devices without having a negative effect on them. Another item worth having alongside a deep-cycle battery is a battery power box – if you care to keep the battery in your caravan for long.

Benefits of Battery Boxes

battery box

Protection & Safety

The main reason why you would want to get a battery box for your deep-cycle battery is the fact that it will keep both you and your battery safe. This is because all battery boxes Australia wide are made to keep accidental spills and toxic fumes from spreading to other parts of your vehicle. This level of protection extends beyond that as it also keeps water, dust, and dirt from reaching the battery which can otherwise affect its performance. 


Battery power boxes are also there if you want to expand the battery capacity of your caravan. Let’s say you want to build a dual battery system and the existing or you want to have a way to easily move the battery from one place to another. Well, a battery box is an ideal solution in both cases as it’s highly versatile and portable.


If the main reason why you’re getting a battery box is to keep your deep-cycle battery running for the entirety of its lifespan then you’re made the right decision. Not only will your deep cycle battery stay safe and operational for a long period of time but the battery box will too since they are usually quite durable even when exposed to all kinds of challenging conditions.

Important Features of Battery Boxes

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A deep-cycle battery can be extremely heavy and quite bulky too which is why most people go with battery boxes that come with extra hardware that will help secure the battery properly. This way the battery is going to sit safely and securely in the box and you won’t have to worry about it slipping or tipping over.


In order for a battery box to be able to keep your battery safely in place, it needs to be compatible with it. Getting a big enough battery box that will fit your deep cycle battery properly is paramount. If you want to use a battery box with different batteries there are always universal battery boxes. To find the right size battery power box you should look at the group number of the box that corresponds with the size of your battery.


No matter if you get a compatible battery box or one that will keep your battery securely even if mounted sideways if it doesn’t come with the right protection it’s useless. Weather protection is one of the most important factors when it comes to finding a  battery box that will ensure the elements don’t affect its performance. Quality battery boxes Australia wide are able to keep even corrosion and rust from forming.


Having a well-protected battery when going on a camping trip is a must but you also want a battery that is easy to access. While battery power boxes should make for a tight seal they should also be easy to open. In case there is an issue with the battery you’ll want to be able to get to it quickly. You wouldn’t want to struggle getting to the battery when you need to check its charge or charge it


Another important factor that can make or break a battery box is how portable it is. If you’re not going to change batteries or use one battery in different vehicles then this is not going to be a big deal but if you are then you better look for ergonomic boxes. These have a handle on top or multiple handles found on the sides to make carrying the already heavy battery easier. More compact and lighter boxes are also considered to be more portable. Keep in mind they are not going to be as versatile since they do not provide as much protection or space as their heavier and bigger counterparts.

Smart Features

dual battery box

While this hasn’t been the case with previews battery power boxes, nowadays having smart features implemented into one is a great addition. Why? Well because these features let you check on the status of the battery without having to open up the box.  These battery boxes can also have USB ports that allow you to charge more devices. 

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