Bamboo Underwear: Reasons to Switch to This Healthy, Organic Option

Spending on clothes, in order to look our best, is something most of us are guilty of, regardless if you’re a man or a woman. On the other hand, we rarely invest in our inner layers unless there’s a really special occasion coming up. But besides looking your best, feeling your best is also important., don’t you think? And socks, bras and panties that rub on your skin and make you sweaty certainly don’t make you feel comfortable, am I right? In that case, it’s time to ditch your scratchy, cheap underwear and get yourself the real deal – organic underwear.

When it comes to quality underwear, we’ve always been advised to go for cotton, mostly because it’s a breathable material. But cotton is definitely not the ideal choice for underwear as it tends to be heavily processed, bleached and dyed, and the residue of these chemical processes can end up irritating your skin. Luckily, there’s another type of organic underwear that beats cotton in many ways, and that’s bamboo.

First of all, bamboo is just as breathable as cotton. However, besides being breathable, organic underwear made of bamboo has also great moisture wicking properties. In other words, bamboo allows moisture to evaporate quickly, which can help you stay dry and fresh. But not only will you stay dry if you sweat, but bamboo can also cause you to sweat less on account of being thermo-regulating. The structure of bamboo fabric is known to help balance body temperature, helping you stay cooler in the summer, and warmer in the winter.

Another unique advantage of bamboo that makes it a great material for underwear, is that it can absorb odours. It’s able to do so because it’s chemical free, unlike most other fabrics are heavily treated with chemicals which makes it hard for them to absorb anything. Since the making of bamboo fabric involves less processing and uses no chemicals, it means there are no dangerous toxins that can come into contact with your skin and irritate it. For this reason, bamboo underwear is a recommended solution for people with sensitive skin and allergies.

While all these properties can certainly help you feel comfortable, the fact that bamboo is incredibly lightweight and soft also helps. Once you discover the silky feel of bamboo on your skin, you’ll never want to try another pair of underwear again. And if you’ve been wearing scratchy underwear for so long, you really deserve to treat yourself with the comfort bamboo can provide.

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