Balcony Gardening: Add Greenery to Your Urban Apartmant

Living in a city apartment usually means there is little to no space for gardening. But if you are a person with a green thumb, you shouldn’t let the limited spaciousness keep you away from your passion. You can create a small world of greenery if you transform your balcony space in a perfect little green heaven. It is unbelievable how some creative ideas can help you get started, and once you design it you can enjoy relaxing moments drinking your morning coffee. Here are some important tips on how to start building your urban balcony garden.

white self watering planters

First of all, you need to plan carefully what kind of plants you are going to have in your small garden and you should do the planning according to the position of your balcony. For example, if your balcony is facing the East or West, you might have more options as many ornamental species, vegetables, fruits and herbs will grow well. You should be careful, though, because during winter you will need to protect your perennial plants as strong easterly winds can cause a lot of problems by breaking the stems, branches and leaves of plants.

On the other hand, if your balcony is facing the North, keep in mind that it will be in shade most of the time during the day so opt for plants that are not sun-loving. Or, if your balcony is facing the South, so it will be constantly on the sunny side, thus avoid shady plants. On a sunny balcony, you can grow almost everything that loves the sun such as geraniums, verbena or roses.

Once you decide what you will grow, it is time to choose appropriate containers in which you are going to grow the plants. One of the best solutions are the planters with self watering features that will make gardening easy and effortless. These white self watering planters work in any space because of their modular design and flexibility and make gardening a piece of cake due to their low maintenance needs. Because of their self watering system, you just need to fill up the water reservoir and your plants will take as much water as they need when they need. The result is going to be a healthy and hydrated garden even if you are several days away from home. Their flexibility features make them appropriate to stand on their own or to be mounted on the wall.

Additionally, you are going to need a quality compost mixture so you can provide your plants with all the nutrients they need. You can try making your own compost by mixing fruit or vegetable scraps, coffee grounds, grass and plant clippings, dry leaves, finely chopped wood and bark chips and paper. In this way, you can be an eco-friendly gardener taking care not only of your small urban garden but also looking after our planet. Nevertheless, if you don’t have time to do it yourself, you can buy liquid fertilizer or a quality compost mix and put it into the soil in your white self watering planters.

One extra tip for your beautiful garden is to try and make use of the vertical space you have on hands on the balcony. Thus, you can double up your gardening area. You can use smaller white self watering planters mounted on the wall and plant some succulents that will burst with colour. As they are really low maintenance, you can incorporate a few various plants in a single planter. Or, you can make a herb garden and use the herbs to double the source of food and still add to the sleek green look of the small garden. You can grow thyme, rosemary, basil and sage as they are all perfect options for your balcony garden.

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