Why Do Athletes Need Electrolyte Replacement Drinks

Professional athlete or just an enthusiast who want to stay in shape, while hitting the gym your body is releasing a huge amount of sweat. A metabolic rate in a person who is exercising regularly is generally higher thus causes him to sweat more than an average person. During the time of sweating your body loses a lot of electrolytes, so if you do not use electrolyte replacement drinks to replace the lost fluid you may find yourself under-hydrating during and after your workout. Paying attention to your hydration is a must and easy way to maximize your performance.electrolyte replacement drinks

While you are in the middle of your toughest workout it is hard to take a note on your dehydration. This condition can literally ruin your workout by reducing your capacity over the course of a whole season. When your body is in slightly dehydrate state your perceived exertion goes up, the performance goes down and your emotional state becomes variable. Your recovery after the workout slows down and basically, everything gets a bit harder when your body is missing a fluid.

Electrolytes are important for professional athletes and people who are following some training regime. What are electrolytes? They are negatively or positively charged ions that help many different body functions with their electrical activity. You must have them in proper concentrations so your body can maintain muscle contraction, fluid balance, and neural activity. When you note that your body is losing electrolytes, generally in the form of sodium and chlorine, you should replace them as soon as possible. Other electrolytes you are using through sweat are potassium, magnesium, and calcium.

We all know that the sweat tastes salty. This is because of the presence of electrolytes in your body. Some people have saltier sweat compared to others but this comes from the other things as well like their diet regime, heat acclimatization and sweat rate. People who feel lightheaded, dizzy or experience muscular cramping after their workout, they are generally experiencing an electrolyte imbalance. The main question is: When you should replace electrolytes?

Before workout – If you are a salty sweater consider have your salty snack or drink your electrolyte replacement drinks > 60 – 90 minutes before your workout.

During workout – Electrolyte drinks and products that contain carbohydrates and sodium are great choices during exercise.

Post workout – Drinking water after your workout is vital, but sports drinks and salty snack can help you rehydrate much faster than drinking water alone.

Electrolytes are available not just as sport drinks, but as well as tablets, gels, powders, chews, food, table salt and more. For most athletes and bodybuilders electrolyte replacement drinks and powders mixed with water are the most common way to ingest electrolytes in their body.

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