10 Awesome Best Friend Tag Questions to Ask and Have Fun

Everybody feels like they know their best friend very well, until they play the incredible secret-revealing yet simple game known as best friend tag questions. This game is created for getting to know your best friend better by asking specific best friend questions to each other and answering them truthfully. Since the best friend tag questions challenge your friendship value, it can either strengthen or weaken your friendship.

No matter how much you think you know your best friend, there must be something you don’t know, something that you two have never discussed before. One popular way of playing the best friend challenge questions is tagging your best friend on a Facebook post. The tag does not only publicly challenge your friend to answer your question, but it also makes their answer visible to all of your friends and anyone else on Facebook.

Friend Tag Questions
Friend Tag Questions

If you have any rule on your mind, feel free to add it to your friendship tag questions game. The following 10 questions are just as awesome for long-time best friends as for recently discovered friends. But beware, by the end of the game, you will either have a newfound love and respect for your best friend or take a step back and reconsider if they are truly worth staying in your world.

Best Friend Tag Questions

Do you remember how and when did we meet?

There is probably no one who would mind recalling one of the most precious moments in their lives, the moment when they meet the perfect contender for their best friend spot.

What do you think are my best qualities?

This question is a great opportunity to find out what does your best friend think of you. Even if you both consider the same qualities as your best, your best friend may put them in a whole new perspective.

How would you describe my perfect day from morning to night?

Even though we all want to make the most of every day, the fast-paced life makes it difficult for us to find some time for the things we truly love and enjoy. But that doesn’t mean we haven’t lived a single perfect day in our imagination. How close can your closest friend get to describing your perfect day? There’s only one way to find that out.

What do you think is the one thing I cannot imagine my life without?

We all have some things in life that we consider to be essential for our existence. Ask your friend if he\she knows one of the things you cannot live without and please don’t mind him\her if his\her answer is “Me. You cannot live without me, admit it!”.

What is your dearest memory of our friendship?

Over time, it gets harder and harder to keep your memories alive, as they start getting fuzzier. But everyone’s dearest memories have a tendency to last much longer than the regular ones. You’ll be surprised to find out that you have different favorite memories from your friendship. Also, you’ll probably end up bringing up a plenty of awesome memories you’ve shared together.

Do you know what my biggest fear is?

Many of the fears are born in the early childhood and as we grow we find a way to deal with them, mostly via talking about them with our best friends. Asking this question will put your friendship on a test, since not knowing the answer could cause reevaluation of your friendship.

Who is the person that you look up to most in the world?

Everybody has a hero that provides inspiration and motivation to live and get things done. Your hero can tell a lot more about you than you think. Is it the Batman or the president of the United States? It’s impossible not to see the big difference between these two heroes.

What would you compare our friendship to?

Many a time friends compare their friendship to some other friendship, be it from a TV show, movie or a book you both read and adored. But maybe he\she thinks that nothing compares to your one-of-a-kind friendship.

What do you think is my favorite personality trait of you?

Best friends are there when needed the most. Whether you’ve chosen your best friend carefully or it just happened, there are qualities in them you love, despite those which you cannot stand. This question promises a lot of fun, because you’re giving him\her the opportunity to praise themselves.

If I were given the opportunity to meet anyone I’d like, who would that person be?

Does your best friend knows you that well that he\she even knows what person would you decide to meet if you were somehow given this ultimate opportunity? If he\she does, you have a friend for life.

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